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Discover your skin age* with Magic Ring

Ever wondered how old your skin is compared to your
actual age? Take the Magic Ring test to discover your skin
age and create a skincare regimen perfected for you.

* Skin age refers to the average age of women in the SK-II database who have the same skin appearance as the person being tested.

Why Take The Test

Reveal Your
Skin Age

Determine if your skin is aging faster than it should.

Create A Unique
Skincare Regimen

Your test results are used by an SK-II beauty consultant to create a targeted regimen to address your concerns.

Your Skin

Use your results to see how your skin fares as compared to over 1000 individuals across the world.

Quick &

Pop by our counters and get an in-depth analysis in 10 minutes. You can even choose to do the test with your make-up on.

Created to Understand Your Beauty

Hover over each of the dimensions to see what the Magic Ring test can reveal.

Your Result
Skin Age
18 years old
FTE User
16 years old

You have done fairly well but focus on your spots control. Consider including Whitening Power Spots Specialist into your current regimen.


The Magic Ring test only involves three simple steps to assess your
skin age and complexion.

Step 1

Step 1

Close-up of your face is captured
with a camera.

Step 2

Step 2

Image is analyzed based off the 5 dimensions of crystal clear skin.

Step 3

Step 3

Results are compared against scores of women in the same age to reveal how well your skin is doing.


See what users have to say about their Magic Ring experience.

"I realized that my skin isn’t as young as I
thought it was so I’ve actually revamped
my skincare!"

–Rachel L.
Jenn Im

I was pleasantly surprised that my skin measured to be that of a
19 year old because I’m in my early 20s. I’m glad that my skin is holding
up alright but I think it’s equally important to maintain it so I am going
to stick to a strict skincare regimen.

Jenn Im
Fashion Vlogger
Rachel L.

After my Magic Ring test, I realized that my skin isn’t as young as I thought it was so I’ve revamped my
skincare to make sure I place more emphasis on hydration. I used to just put on serum when the
weather is good but I always use a night cream now. I also thoroughly wash my face in the morning to
prep for skincare before putting on makeup.

Rachel L.
Beauty Vlogger
Melodee Morita

One thing I didn’t know about my skin before I did the Magic Ring
test was that the amount of sunblock I was putting on was not enough.
The test actually reveals dark spots that aren’t visible on your skin right
now but could appear in the future. My results showed a good balance
overall but I’m glad I found out that I have to put on additional
sunblock throughout the day so that I can prevent those hidden dark
spots from appearing.

Melodee Morita
Beauty Vlogger & TV Reporter


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