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Whitening Spot Specialist Concentrate Image

Whitening Spot Specialist Concentrate

  • 28pcs
  • RM 572

Whitening Spot Specialist Concentrate

Our most intensive whitening treatment targets spots and fights pigmentation.

Powered with revolutionary whitening complex of ‘Rich Melano Discharge’ with Pitera™, this intensive whitening night treatment should be used continuously for 28 nights to cut and loosen even stubborn spots from the root*.

After just 4 weeks, persistent dark spots that accumulated over the years are visibly reduced. Skin tone is more clear and translucent.

* epidermis layer only.
Results may vary between individuals.


Light, creamy gel that feels rich on your skin.

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Use one ampule per application consecutively for 28 nights. Open the ampule and pour all the essence into your palm. Dab directly on the dark spots and pat gently till entirely absorbed. Apply nightly, just before your moisturizer.

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