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Stempower Eye Cream

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SK-II's revolutionary eyecare device

From the moment you wake up in the morning until the time you drift off to sleep, your eyes will be at work almost every moment of the day. They see, they read, they blink. Sometimes they smile, and sometimes they cry.

Because our eyes are constantly working for us, our eye area is one of the first places where we notice the effects of aging on our face. But despite the skincare we apply to our eyes, the benefits are rarely visible immediately - until now.

Redefining Eye Care

SK-II introduces the Magnetic Wand, a first-in-the-world device that revolutionizes the concept of eye care.

Using tri-magnetic technology, the SK-II Magnetic Wand was developed exclusively for use with STEMPOWER Eye Cream. Its innovative bi-polar magnetic micro array targets and pushes the key ingredient of Stempower Eye Cream into the skin with three times greater absorption than just using your finger.

Seeing Results

When used together with Stempower Eye Cream, the Magnetic Wand can deliver a visible reduction of fine lines around the eye after just 10 days.

Stringently tested by SK-II and safe to use, the Magnetic Wand ensures you'll get all the benefits of SK-II's Stempower Eye Cream with even more efficacy and faster results for beautiful, younger-looking eyes.

Don't your eyes deserve it?

R.N.A.Power Eye Cream Radical New Age

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