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I have chosen to invest in SK-II because I have personally seen the transformation in skin, and I believe in the science behind SK-II products.

- Godfrey Gao
SK-II Brand Ambassador

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SK-II unveils the latest research on how skin aging affects men

Think all men age like a fine wine? Think again.

The latest research from SK-II shows that men’s skin reaches a ‘tipping point’ in the aging process, when men are in their early 30s.

At this tipping point, skin goes on a sudden decline. Once the first signs of aging begin to appear, more skin issues like enlarged pores, dullness, spots, loss of firmness, and fine lines are visibly accelerated, and skin loses its vibrant clarity.

Take the first step towards addressing your skin's tipping point.

When it comes to skin, it's better to tackle potential issues before they arise. SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence, which boasts over 90% of SK-II’s signature Pitera, combats the effects of the skin's tipping point. Rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic acids that work to firm up, brighten and promote a more even skin-tone, SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence can address issues even before they appear.

Why wait for your skin's tipping point? Take control and curb the signs of aging early - your future skin will thank you.

Facial Treatment Essence

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