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In the Spotlight


SK-II ambassador and award-winning actress Tang Wei shares her experiences in the ongoing journey towards changing her destiny.

Small Changes Matter

For many of us, changing destiny is a daunting prospect. It's one of life’s biggest challenges and can seem out of reach. We think a change in our destiny can only happen when there’s a huge change in our lives. According to Tang Wei, however, that is a misconception.

"Every decision that you make can possibly be the first step towards changing your destiny," says Tang Wei, while on set filming her recent SK-II Facial Treatment Essence commercial.

Tang Wei believes that the opportunity to change destiny lies in every second of our lives.

Be Fearless

From choosing your career to choosing your life partner, from starting a diet to buying skincare, our lives are full of decisions. But with every decision that you make, there will also be obstacles and oppositions.

Tang Wei's journey to international stardom began with a decision that came with disapproval from her parents. Despite their objections, she took the first step towards changing her destiny when she dropped out of school and went to Beijing to enroll in acting school. It is this tireless dedication and passion that has taken her to where she is today.

Everyone is scared of facing opposition alone, but Tang Wei believes that conforming to blend in and do what's expected is too safe of a choice. Eventually, you will lose yourself and live life based on the expectations of others, rather than your own hopes and desires.

"As long as you listen to your heart and let go of all the rules and restrictions placed on you, an answer will come from your heart," says Tang Wei. "Believe in your decision. Time will give you the answer."


Change Your Skin's Destiny with SK-II

In her latest commercial, "Walking Against the Crowd”, Tang Wei believes that having the attitude "I won't listen, I won't follow blindly, this is who I am" is indicative of a modern woman's philosophy towards life.

"To me, this commercial has a clear message," says Tang Wei. "Don't listen to what others have to say or think. Don't let society affect you. All you need is to believe in yourself. This is SK-II's new attitude towards life and it is also my attitude towards life.”

As Tang Wei demonstrates through her experiences, as long as you believe in your decisions and never give in or give up, you can start a new chapter in your life at any time.

Here’s to changing our destinies, one small step at a time.


Facial Treatment Essence

( 26 )
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