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Korean-American YouTube star Jenn Im shares her most-wanted list for Fall

Jenn Im may be better known to vlog about fashion and style trends than skincare on her popular YouTube channel "Clothes Encounters", but the gorgeous California-based Korean-American still faces skin issues like the rest of us once the seasons change. Here, she reveals her fashion and beauty must-haves for Fall 2014.

Staying Stylish
"A fashion trend I always love during the Fall is layering," she says. "As the season changes, you can gradually add layers like adding a thick knit sweater to a dress or throwing on a scarf. That’s why I’m on the lookout for a cute lightweight jacket which I can layer with hoodies until winter."

Summer Blues
"Now that summer has come to an end, I’m not out in the sun as much, and the weather is a little cooler so I tend to notice that my skin gets drier during the Fall. Luckily, it’s nothing too serious, so I just switch to a thicker moisturizer during the day and night."

SK-II recommends: Stempower cream

It's really important to start early when it comes to skincare… the sooner you start, the better.

Facial Treatment Essence should be a staple in every woman's and man's skincare regimen.


Fall Essential
"You can’t go wrong with SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence - it should be a staple in every woman’s and man’s skincare regimen. It's an absolute necessity in my skincare routine. Whenever I apply it, my skin feels supple, smooth, and healthy. Especially during Fall, when my skin is slightly drier, Facial Treatment Essence rehydrates my skin."

SK-II Most Wanted
"I believe it’s really important to start early when it comes to skincare. The whole thing about anti-aging is prevention - the sooner you start, the better - so even though I’m still in my early 20s, my goal for the Fall season is to start looking into anti-aging skincare products, like SK-II’s Stempower series."

SK-II recommends: Stempower Essence

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