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Top beauty bloggers share their secrets to glowing summer skin

Nayoung of Oiseau88

While many flock to Korean-American Nayoung's YouTube channel for its focus on achieving the popular "Ulzzang" Korean beauty look, her “no-makeup makeup” tutorials and skincare videos are also subscriber favourites.

Nayoung's summer skincare tip:
"I live in L.A. where the summers are really hot, and I have combination skin which becomes oily, so I keep makeup to a minimum - just a bit of BB cream. And I use facial masks every single night"

Suzi of StyleSuzi

Based in London and recognised as one of the top beauty bloggers in the UK by publications such as InStyle and Cosmopolitan, Suzi has grown a loyal following since starting her YouTube channel when she was still a fashion design student.

Suzi's summer skincare tip:
"Change from a normal moisturizer to a lighter moisturizer.
I use a lighter lotion so it doesn’t clog my pores."

Willabelle Ong

A unique sense of style, stunning photography, and bold takes on current trends have earned Singapore-born Willabelle a loyal fanbase for her fashion and lifestyle blog, Pale Division, establishing her reputation as one of Australia's top young bloggers.

Willabelle's summer skincare tip:
"Facial Treatment Essence keeps my skin really refreshed, even if I’m tired. It’s very light on my skin so my face doesn’t look oily in the summer but still remains hydrated."

Rae of The RAEviewer

As a former freelance makeup artist, Rae has turned her passion for skincare and cosmetics into an immensely popular blog and YouTube channel, The RAEviewer, showcasing how-to videos and expert reviews on luxury beauty products.

Rae's summer skincare tip:
"Sun protection is the best way to prevent aging. With SPF30, Cellumination Day Surge UV is a great moisturizer to hydrate and protect my skin from the sun during the day."

Facial Treatment
Essence keeps my skin
really refresed, even if
I’m tired.

Facial Treatment Mask

A soft cotton mask soaked in Pitera
results in a visibly radiant and moisturized
complexion in a single application.

Deep Surge EX

A light daily moisturizer which
evens out skin and boosts luminosity
for a natural, translucent glow.

Facial Treatment Essence

Facial Treatment Essence

"Keeps my skin refreshed,
even if I’m tired."
- Willabelle

Day Surge UV

"A great moisturizer to hydrate
and protect skin from the sun
during the day." - Rae

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