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Facial Treatment Essence

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SK-II ambassadors pick the ideal gift for their loved ones

The act of gift-giving during the festive season serves as a reminder of why our loved ones mean so much to us. This season, SK-II's signature Facial Treatment Essence comes in a limited edition collection of four distinct designs, created in collaboration with artist Po-Chih Huang, with each bearing symbolic meaning through flowers and colours.

To assist in choosing which of the four bottles will make the best gift for your loved ones, four of SK-II's beautiful ambassadors have reflected on who they would give each limited edition bottle to, and why.

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Red Tulips: For the Passionate
Ideal for the woman who displays incredible passion in life, this bottle adorned with energetic red tulip petals symbolizes vitality and a dynamic spirit.

From: SK-II ambassador Kim Hee Ae
To: Her younger co-stars

"When I meet my juniors on television or movie sets these days, most of
them are so full of energy and great passion," says the veteran Korean
actress. "The image of them being passionate and putting in 200% of their
efforts into acting – the career they chose – seems to have a lot of similarities
with the new red Facial Treatment Essence design. I’m sure they will love it
very much!"

yellow freesia

Yellow Freesia: For the Elegant
With its subtle scent and a graceful appearance, the freesia is a perfect metaphor for understated elegance, and the bottle's symbolically optimistic yellow hues make it the perfect gift for someone whose radiance glows from within.

From: SK-II ambassador Tang Wei
To: Her agent

""The freesia is a symbol of Spring, with its crisp yellow color," says the newly-wed Chinese actress. "The bright yellow flowers, the golden beaches, and the blazing sun represent a hopeful lifestyle and a yearning for the pleasures in life. I’d give this to my agent, as she brings warmth to people, and her optimistic and positive outlook in life makes it feel like Spring"

purple hydrangea

Purple Hydrangea: For the Compassionate
The enchanting hydrangea was chosen for its symbolic representation of appreciation and gratitude, while the varying shades of purple add a thoughtful allure to the bottle - ideal for the one who always thinks of others first.

From:SK-II ambassador Ni Ni
To: Her mother

"As actresses, we are always in the spotlight, but I believe the true mark of an elegant woman does not come from the light shone on her, but rather from within the depths of her heart," says the Chinese actress. "The hydrangea symbolizes gratitude and giving thanks, and the person for whom I should be most grateful in life is definitely my mother. She has loved and cared for me so profoundly all these years, quietly supporting my work. I would not be where I am today without the selfless love and support of my mother."

green cypress

Green Cypress: For the Confident
Simple yet striking, the green cypress has deep-rooted symbolism in wisdom, strength and eternity. This bottle of SK-II Men represents confidence and charisma, making it the ultimate gift for the man who embodies inner strength and stability.

From: SK-II ambassador Cate Blanchett
To: The men in her life

"There is a purity and simplicity to the Cypress tree and its connections to strength are historically deep," says the Oscar-winning actress. "This bottle is both striking and simple and speaks of an inner confidence that men and women aspire to. Black is a timeless color that looks good on every man."

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Facial Treatment Essence

( 26 )
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