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Facial Treatment

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3 ways to take care of large pores

Enlarged pores are the bane of smooth, radiant skin. Combat this skin concern by targeting its root causes.

Our skin has millions of pores and these tiny pin holes are what make skin look like skin. While the size of our pores is determined by genetics, a healthy pore is visually invisible to the naked eye. Enlarged pores that are visible and unsightly are instead the result of either clogs that cause the pore to stretch or damage caused by picking and tugging at skin excessively.

How large pores form

The pores on our faces have one job: to secrete sweat and sebum. Sebum is a natural oil that conditions and moisturises our skin to prevent it from drying out. When our oil glands produce too much oil, the excess sebum attracts and mixes with dead skin cells leading to clogged pores.

Clogs make it difficult for pores to secrete oil, causing pores to expand in size and allow sebum to once again flow freely. When these clogs are exposed to air, the trapped oil and dead skin oxidise and turn into blackheads – which are even more visible on skin.

Despair not though, for there are some ways to keep these pesky blackheads and clogs at bay.

Tip #1: Be gentle when you cleanse.

Prone to clogged pores? Cleansing is one regimen step you’d need to pay more attention and care to. While you do need to clean out your pores, excessive force can cause more harm than good. Swap out any harsh cleansers you have for gentler options as drying out your skin can cause your oil glands to react by producing even more sebum and exacerbating the problem.

You also can’t buff blackheads off, so stay away from abrasive scrubs that can cause skin to be dry and flaky (and produce even more dead skin for blackheads.) Try an oil-based cleanser instead. While this might sound like a recipe for disaster, oil actually attracts oil. An oil cleanser can wick any excess sebum out of your pores along with dead skin while gently cleansing your skin.

Tip #2. Balance your skin to calm it down.

To reduce the chances of your pores clogging, look at the two sources: sebum and dead skin cells. Sebum is a natural part of our skin’s functions, but too much of it means that there’s more to trap substances like dead skin and other impurities, leading to more clogs.
When skin faces dryness caused by your environment such as air-conditioning or excessive oil-blotting, your oil glands are triggered to produce even more oil to protect the skin. This throws your skin’s natural balance out of whack.

Dead skin cells form the top layers of our skin. Our skin is constantly producing new skin cells every day and a full skin cycle takes a month to complete. However, when the dead skin cells are not being removed, our skin is not only more prone to congestion but also becomes dull and loses radiance.

To get back on track, use an essence that hydrates while gently exfoliating the skin. This helps to balance your skin’s sebum levels and remove any buildup of dead skin cells.

Tip #3. Improve the appearance of pores.

We can’t technically change the sizes of our (unclogged) pores, but we can certainly improve how they look. When pores are not troubled, they can still be visible if our skin structure is weak or lacking suppleness.
In addition, a natural part of the aging process includes loss in firmness and elasticity as our skin’s functions start to slow. The amount of collagen and elastin we have also decreases. This causes skin to stretch and sag, which means our pores do too.

For barely-there pores, bolstering the skin’s structure is key. Strong, healthy skin have little gaps in the structure and maintains suppleness even with age. Using an anti-aging serum that targets signs of aging – usually by preventing skin degradation - can strengthen the skin’s functions over time.
Look out for products containing Niacinamide, a vitamin known to improve skin barrier and elasticity to minimize the appearance of pores.

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