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Facial Treatment


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These quick and easy skincare tips will give you a radiant, beautiful complexion in no time

While a full regimen of recommended skincare takes time, there are ways to revive a tired or stressed-out complexion to get beautiful skin in just minutes. Here’s our advice for making the most of your limited time during a busy day.


You’ve already hit the snooze button twice, and now you’re in a rush to get to the office. You're used to doing a hurried five-minute makeup job, but don't forget to spend some time on skincare to protect your skin and get it glowing.

Apply a generous amount of Facial Treatment Essence onto your face to immediately refresh your skin and wake up a sleepy complexion.
Time taken: 1 minute

Massage in R.N.A Power Cream as a moisturizer – the anti-aging cream will firm up your skin and add extra hydration for a healthy look, while the massaging strokes will improve circulation in your facial muscles.
Time taken: 2 minutes

Skip the primer and mix a full dropper of R.N.A. Power Essence with your foundation. The serum helps firm up your skin so you won’t have to spend time contouring, and helps foundation glide on smoothly for effortless application.
Time taken: 2 minutes


You’re feeling the post-lunch slump at work, and your skin is feeling tired, too. Oxidative stress from environmental agressors are starting to take their toll on your skin, causing it to feel dehydrated and congested.

Use a tissue or blotting sheet to dab off excess oil and get rid of shine.
Time taken: 2 minutes

Spritz Mid-Day Miracle Essence all over your face for instant hydration. The fine mist particles can even penetrate through makeup to refresh your skin and give it a much-needed boost.
Time taken: 1 minute


A packed social schedule means your busy day doesn’t end when you clock out of work. Before heading out to meet a date or your friends for happy hour drinks, try these quick skincare tips that will reduce the number of makeup steps you’ll need to do.

Give your skin the intensive moisturization it needs after a long day with a Facial Treatment Mask. Generously soaked in Pitera™, the luxurious face mask softens, smoothens, and brightens your skin in mere minutes, making you think twice about needing to apply any makeup coverage.
Time taken: 5 minutes

Exhausted and ready for bed? If you plan ahead, you can go right to sleep. Soak some cotton pads in Facial Treatment Essence and keep them in the refrigerator overnight. Whenever you wake up with skin that needs a quick recovery, apply the cold pads to your face for an instant pick-me-up.
Time taken: 2 minutes

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